Preparing to Sell Your House



Most potential home sellers are preparing to sell a house that they have lived in for a long time. Homeowners bought in a very different market than they will be selling in today.  selling a house can be a tricky and new subject.


I have prepared over 60 pages of content in a comprehensive guide to preparing to sell your house. 



  • What is in a market analysis
  • Supply, demand, seller’s markets, buyer’s markets
  • Tax and mortgage market changes
  • MLS and other web portals
  • Pricing your home to sell
  • Preparing for photos and listing
  • Pre-market period
  • Marketing your home (My 8 Week Marketing Plan)
  • What to expect from showings
  • What about multiple offers?
  • Appraisals, inspections and contingencies 
  • Closing!